Truck Parts Solutions Inc. is a team of committed, positive people who enjoy serving customers, users and co-workers. We will work to ensure the best possible experience for our customers, users and vendors. We are always looking to bring more buyers and sellers into our systems.

We serve users of our systems who need heavy duty truck parts. Those industries span: insurance adjusters, body shops, repair shops, truckers, fleets, government shops, etc. We win by fanatically serving our clients. We relentlessly pursue improvement in our solutions and internal systems. Our aim is to strengthen our industry to allow it to better compete with external market forces.

Core Values


We are honest. We take ownership. We do what we say were going to do.


Striving to do more, better. Going the extra mile with continuous improvement.


We complete work in a positive and fun environment.


Innovative Introducing technology to improve services and lower costs.

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Although we have made great strides to elevating the transportation industry, we are looking to take it a step further. Utilizing big data from our website, we are building a next-generation ERP system integrating mined data in a simple, easy to use format. Saving millions of dollars in parts from being discarded, and revolutionizing a notoriously stale industry.

This is why we want you. To continue innovating we need more people who are willing to think outside the box and explore new ways of doing things. Consider applying at Truck Parts Solutions if you are looking to make a difference.



We are a team of innovators who push each other to grow and improve our skills. As a result we strongly believe in supporting each other. If you came to our offices you would see team members asking others for help on projects. At the end of the day we're competitive so we’re here to support you in making work-class products and we also run a competitive Foosball league.

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  1. Send the position you are applying for and your resume to
  2. Call 1-844-263-6112 and leave a message.
    1. Be prepared to answer the question: what is your experience and how will it make you successful in this position?
  3. We will contact you for an interview